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Watson Conference

The Thomas R. Watson Conference is a biennial international conference hosted by the University of Louisville around a theme in rhetoric and composition.  In 1995, Dr. Thomas R. Watson, a Louisville physician, banker, and entrepreneur, donated 1.2 million dollars to the English Department of the University of Louisville to endow the conference along with a Visiting Distinguished Professorship. The gift is a mark not only of Dr. Watson's extraordinary generosity but also of his imaginative and far-sighted vision. He believed in the fundamental importance of a literate citizenry, and of the vital task faced by the liberal arts in educating students to become critical, active, and engaged readers and writers. In Dr. Watson's words, "The use of language and its expression is the foundation for all the various facets of a university. The ability to transmit ideas from research to teaching to general usage is a critical function of education."

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